UNIVERSAL ENZYME CHAPTER 36 It was raining heavily, visibility next to naught. I was in Arlington National Cemetery where presidents and war heroes are buried. I was walking past many gravestones of those deceased. I listened to my walk-man, crying, reading the many stories on the tombs. I sang along to a song repeating: “I don’t need your Civil War.” “It feeds the rich while it buries the poor.” I visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There, guards paced back and forth honoring the four randomly chosen soldiers, who had died, each from these four major American conflicts: Vietnamese War, Korean War, World War I, World War II. “The power hungry selling soldiers in a human grocery store” “I don’t need your Civil War” I finally had the courage to face Kennedy’s gravesite. There was one huge memorial for JFK another for Bobby; RFK. I read from their speeches, engraved on large stone. And I stared into the immortal flame, dedicated to these men, their undying pursuit to a cause, and this torch, the immortal flame, it was mystical -- symbolically powerful and genuinely real. “Did you wear a black armband?” “When they shot the man?” “Who said peace could last forever.” A fleeting moment I thought of how brave Axel Rose and Guns N’ Roses were to release that incredible song: Civil War. (excerpt)

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Albert Kenneth Carrozza LLC books on social well-being and personal/professional improvement.  Albert Kenneth Carrozza LLC music and film designed to depict reality and inspire positive change.

Albert Kenneth Carrozza Llc Books On Social Well-being And Personal/professional Improvement

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music and film designed to depict reality and inspire positive change.