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Fear is so prevalent in this world.  "Be afraid" is the message we are taught from the very earliest moments of our childhood.  If, as children, we behave in a manner that is not deemed appropriate in the eyes of our parents and guardians, and act in line with what they have perceived from society is the proper way to conduct ourselves then we are screamed at, punished, and/or ignored by our clearly disgusted superiors and those of authority -- all before we ever had say.

This notion of abiding by "the rules" permeates into every aspect of every persons life.  It is this "imprisonment" that has caused the mental and emotional hardships in our lives as individuals as well as the present conditions of our world.

We live on a planet where an incremental percentage of humans control and utilize our earth's natural resources.  A minuscule percentage of us possess the majority of money in circulation, and even among our "privileged" members so few possess a knowledge and more importantly a genuine awareness of what is actually happening on our planet and within our species.

These books available here are not specifically written to uncover all of the deception in our society, however it is necessary to become aware of the significant root causes of our most pressing societal problems in order we may heal them.

Again the books, though covering sociological issues are tailored as sources for individual empowerment, with a starting focus on those who struggle most, the developmentally disabled, the populations diagnosed with mental and emotional illnesses, those who already or are on route to being prescribed mood enhancing and/or perception altering medication, for it is my desire these people live a continual trend of vastly improving the quality of their lives, and experiencing the first fruits of health and peace.

By no means are these books and of course the music limited to benefiting the most downtrodden; in fact for our world communities to change the course direction of our global decision-making from at best indifferent to seeing law and degrees of enforcement as expected and intentional tools toward the betterment of all! It is now we must everyone absorb the enlightenment that is contained in these materials and the once hidden core truth of our living experience.  

We must believe in us.  I do.

- Albert Kenneth Carrozza 

      (Founder, CEO -- Universal Enzyme) 

Jesus Christ God Healing America Health Mental Health Universal Enzyme Al Carrozza Love Jesus

Jesus Christ God Healing America Health Mental Health Universal Enzyme Al Carrozza Love Jesus

Jesus Christ God Healing America Health Mental Health Universal Enzyme Al Carrozza Love Jesus

Albert Kenneth Carrozza: Universal Enzyme

My true friends, real quick, but it is very important, in fact it is critical, essential that you who have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, in earnest, and if you want to know how far you are, be truthful and acknowledge: how much do I really love God? When you ask yourself such a question, what do you feel? Is it pure, genuine appreciation? Or do you still harbor feelings of envy? Do you feel in some way God has wronged you? Do you question the wisdom of God? Do you want? If these feelings, thoughts are prevalent within you there is much inner work for you to focus upon, for your own benefit, peace of mind, and ultimate survival. However if you have these feelings but you also know you do love God then you are not lost. Sometimes you may need to step back and rather than harping on how far you are acknowledge, even credit yourself, knowing of course without Jesus there would have been no progress inside you, but with priorities placed in order of truth, allow yourself to see not only how far you need to go but also how far you have come and so fast. But the real key, the essential component to healing and reducing and eliminating all backsliding is to know the real truth about the nature of who you are, that is, you were made in the glorious image of God, which is to ultimately acknowledge the great lie of all time.... you were not born as a sinner! You were born to be perfectly righteous, however because of a few mortals whose gifts God bestowed upon them they used to perpetuate, propel themselves above all others, and above and even beyond God. Because God wanted to tally these mortals, and primary source of evil, raise them to the highest level of sin they would go before endangering all of creation, therefore even the most merciful could not debate within or even need entertain any tactic of perspective, literally have no sympathy when executing justice on this terrible man who corrupted all life, and even had the audacity to suppress and oppress and commit every sin against the only living God. You see the tactic he used to begin the corruption of humankind, which spread to all species of life, he embedded in all life forms most especially humans that you were born a sinner. Not only did his lie cause you to hate God and church services dedicated to God, but he mislead you into believing you were always going to sin because the nature of man, your very nature when you were born was to sin and to be a sinner.... as he established this like mind control into the human species with every being he convinced they were born sinners he tempted them to sin, convinced them, you all, that every man sins, and constantly, so it became like a self-fulfilling prophecy, you knew you were a sinner, your were tempted, and knowing (or at least tricked into thinking) that your first impulse always was to sin, naturally after enough temptation you would, simply by the power of suggestion, and the power of repetitive suggestion eventually you would sin because you "knew" beforehand that you would.... then being that you now "understood" your first impulse as a sinner was to sin, and after sinning once, then twice, it became the false "second nature", then he created tremendous guilt on top of the normal guilt for sinning (because you as a righteous person are sinning so there is natural guilt), but then came confession, to man nonetheless, not only separating you further from God by having you believe you had not the ability to communicate with God, and with the confession came forgiveness, right? So after awhile it was normal to sin, and hopefully when confession came you only had a few terrible sins, a modest number of sort-of sins, small sins always but small sins are a victory when you are a born sinner and that's why "God" created confession.... are you noticing a pattern my dad, as we all recycled, reincarnated, are you noticing a pattern he created for you on a path that only declines through time? The longer you lived this false reality, the more lies he was able to use to create based on where he had already solidified your belief to lead you to further sin, experienced pain through confusion in your mind caused by what you were taught over and over and over and by what you always knew was the truth which was that you were living a lie but you could not keep track because you were so deceived you could not identify the root of where it all went wrong especially since he deceived you as soon as you entered this world, SMACK, what the hell was that, you were just born in a dangerous place, and you just learned right out of your mother's womb it is abusive this experience called life, and from that painful and confusing welcome to our world greeting, as you struggled to make sense of it all, each day you witnessed the sinners and the sins, because the sinners were everyone you knew and the sins were too voluminous and even so absurd and unnatural the mind was confused, the emotions were mixed, natural happiness with external chaos, at some homes were worse than others, but even the most natural ethical families with moral integrity was completely antecedent to who you are and what you were supposed to be born into, so it is time for many of you to re-learn that you are not a born sinner, you were all of you born righteous, born not to sin at all, you were deceived early, and through each rebirth, each re-carnation, and through the generations humanity was so heaped in lies and living so unnaturally, eventually just competing without any real co-existing, arranging separations through every institution created to divide and separate, and each step in the evolution of what was celebrated as progress led you to a place of greater segregation, competition, and false notion if any of love. In the end days, it became a meet-market, then a meat market, then, as if the competition in all places wasn't isolating enough, with of course the built in hour glass in your mind, and the small hour glasses inside the larger one, meaning, the short-term hour glass, 15 minutes to enjoy this coffee, has to be with someone for multiple reasons peer pressure for one, fear of loneliness by having few friends, so the more friends the less lonely, right? Until you grew up and realized even that was a lie because at first the attention was great, but to maintain not only all the friendships you could, which with so many they all became associates, as you got to know each more closely you were hurt by each, and often, if by no other reason such a lifestyle is impossible to dedicate the desired and/or necessary attention to everyone, and everyone had the same problem, but time was too scarce to listen to problems, especially real problems that reminded you of your problems, and if you wanted to spend your forty five minutes wasting it on discussing problems with no foreseeable solutions then you would have used that time to discuss your own problems, but you wouldn't anyway because what you revealed would one day come back to haunt you as soon as the caring ear of that night is not thrilled with you another.... are you getting the picture, are you understanding that one bad apple spoiled the whole damn beautiful perfect and healthy bunch? So short term hour glasses, in a day you had to spend about an hour but less than two if you were a guy who followed Maxim and GQ and in preparing yourself every morning with poop, shower, soap, shampoo, conditioner, even facial soap and body lotion..... five different products for your body and never did you stop to think it was all soap.... but anyway, brushing teeth, flossing, shaving, and fortunately you sacrificed fifteen minutes the night before because either you were raised that way or your wife taught you how you must live in order to get higher salaries so that they can live better with you and for children, guy still needs to dress, read newspaper, eat breakfast, but not eat until he is comfortable rather spending time when eating meals counting numbers on a box of ingredients, you know calories, or protein for the workout and proper tone of the body and the ones who looked the most perfect and acted the most perfect they made the most money and they were the most envied, and car the most luxurious in the lot, which made the necessary impressions, and all this effort to present oneself to be the proto-typical mold of what is desirable but just a mold, a carbon copy of others in the "league" you are in, and if you made a buddy when starting things weren't the same when one jumped ahead more swiftly through promotion, or if promotions were similar and the next step in the ladder can not go to both, kick in that sin nature, because your priority is that little family you have that consists of either unhappy people through time or completely happy liars to themselves and to everyone else, and the deception of the original sin which was to trick you into believing you were born all sinners has escalated to a massive interwoven complex web of a reality that has foundations of falsehood, misconceptions, pain as normal, and whatever the requirements it took to be a man it took more requirements to be a woman.... if a man needs an hour to wash and ready then a woman needs three hours, if a man has pressure and criticism if he carries a larger than minuscule 'beer belly' than a woman needs plastic surgery so her thighs are so big so they match her flat belly, and if a man needs to dress with 12 button shirts with collars and ties and coats and pants without a single wrinkle and socks and polished shoes then a woman needs to paint her face and decorate herself with ornaments like a damn Christmas tree at an upscale costume party, and they have to "squeeze" comfortably into their dress or clothes....... enough! You were born righteous and you were born to be free from the constructs of time, in fact time was meant to enhance life not imprison life..... you were born righteous, you were tricked into sin, but yours truly was looking after you, even as some of you prepare to harass me and both spread and be seduced to believe lies about me, nonetheless once you understand you ARE righteousness, born as such, and when you understand another brought you down, otherwise you would not have fell into sin and born into such a sick madness of a world, then you can truly embrace that by giving your life, by following the guidance, commandments of Jesus Christ, most especially in this lamb's book of life here on FACEBOOK, and learning the bible helps, especially in church, and if you don't understand stuff after the church service address real questions about bible to your pastors and learned theologians, but remember the direct word of God is always the place to start, and once you fall in love with God, follow his ways, you can accept he has cleaned your slate, you are not only not born a sinner but your sins have been erased, you get to start anew, and the more you learn about what was done by the savior, metaphorically in scripture and literally right here in five years of posts, the more you will have greater understanding and naturally with this true understanding the more you absorb the reality of his sacrifice and sacrifices that went with that sacrifice you will both automatically appreciate, love and praise your savior and love to love and praise God..... and then you can learn how to love yourself again and then to love another and soon you love begin to love all others and even live, find joy only in providing service to individuals, groups, communities and learning more about what the savior did for you as you praise him naturally from the core of your heart always every day because you love to it brings the blessings of joy which prosper you with countless recognizable blessings and even as all humanity makes progress in its pursuits to improve the world beginning with the most pertinent concerns and creating an everlasting life of love, protection, safety, and communion and an existence that improves every single day forever and ever AMEN!


Jesus Christ God Healing America Health Mental Health Universal Enzyme Al Carrozza Love Jesus

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CLASS 41 Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities. Explanatory Note Class 41 covers mainly services rendered by persons or institutions in the development of the mental faculties of persons or animals, as well as services intended to entertain or to engage the attention. This Class includes, in particular: – services consisting of all forms of education of persons or training of animals; – services having the basic aim of the entertainment, amusement or recreation of people; – presentation of works of visual art or literature to the public for cultural or educational purposes.



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Call me what you will but outside the favor of God your greatest asset is genuine spiritual discernment. You see God is always there and should not need to show for one to maintain faith in his existence. But we are human and every light can diminish if not properly cared for but the investment in love of God will keep you faithful and your faith will keep you secure in knowing God will show.

UNIVERSAL ENZYME CHAPTER 36 It was raining heavily, visibility next to naught. I was in Arlington National Cemetery where presidents and war heroes are buried. I was walking past many gravestones of those deceased. I listened to my walk-man, crying, reading the many stories on the tombs. I sang along to a song repeating: “I don’t need your Civil War.” “It feeds the rich while it buries the poor.” I visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There, guards paced back and forth honoring the four randomly chosen soldiers, who had died, each from these four major American conflicts: Vietnamese War, Korean War, World War I, World War II. “The power hungry selling soldiers in a human grocery store” “I don’t need your Civil War” I finally had the courage to face Kennedy’s gravesite. There was one huge memorial for JFK another for Bobby; RFK. I read from their speeches, engraved on large stone. And I stared into the immortal flame, dedicated to these men, their undying pursuit to a cause, and this torch, the immortal flame, it was mystical -- symbolically powerful and genuinely real. “Did you wear a black armband?” “When they shot the man?” “Who said peace could last forever.” A fleeting moment I thought of how brave Axel Rose and Guns N’ Roses were to release that incredible song: Civil War. (excerpt)

The American presidency has become insignificant. A final crisis beckons. Families are losing homes. Companies are falling. People are quitting. Government control of media and business tyranny has all but sealed fate. Citizens without representation can only intuit their impending demise. An overabundance of information has diluted our genuine sources. Muck-racking is dead. Various perspectives have replaced genuine hard fact. And many profit from the deliberate schizophrenia infused into the powerless masses. All as the world awaits a savior in Jesus Christ. The world is looking for fast answers. Reality rears its head. American and international leaders continue to promise change. Unfortunately the best leaders can do is bandage selected wounds. Our national and global body appears destined to flat-line. The issues have become too complex. The solutions remain hidden as issues cannot be agreed upon. Big Oil energy companies prepare for crisis. Heavy financial losses by the supermajors will mean job markets declining, unemployment increasing, greater government reliance, further entitlements for businesses and individuals, rising taxes, increase of inflation and further diminishment of wealth on all economic levels. It is happening now in all major industries but the effects won’t be nearly as drastic as with Big Oil. This is because everything tangible in American society is dependent upon the usage of oil. Automobiles, plastics and entire food and consumer distribution systems need oil to operate. Our country is consuming more oil than it produces with its imports. We are running out of national supplies and becoming ever-dependent on foreign governments considered our political enemies. The United States of America is by far the largest consumer of oil in the world yet it is not a top-ten producer. China who didn’t import oil twenty five years ago is now one of the top three nations in consumption. The European Union is number two. The United Arab Emirates, a seven country confederation of Arab nations controls over seventy-five percent of world oil. This is a global crisis. Oil supplies will be used up within fifty years. America has been fighting a war for this natural resource. People are dying in large numbers. Countries like Saudi Arabia not recognized for human rights are gaining influence and control in the United States. On September 11th, 2001 we experienced our first real political concession: the lives of ordinary American citizens for crude oil. The exchange of blood for oil is enacted everyday in Iraq. At first it may seem America would be wise to tap remaining oil supplies through Trans-Alaskan. However it will not solve foreign dependence. Alaska has mere drops of oil left in comparison to remaining earth supplies. Escalation of war will commence regardless and tapping will increase problems with the environment. The earth is rebalancing after decades of severe abuse and neglect. Natural disasters can only become more frequent as the earth is further harmed by increased environmental damage. Yet oil, war and natural disasters are just precursors. Drinking water abundantly appears on supermarket shelves and in homes yet it too is disappearing from the earth at a rate close behind our oil supplies. When not too long ago three billion people were on the Earth we could have maintained life for quite some time. Yet the global population has more than tripled in less than half a century. With the exception of a miraculous scientific breakthrough there will no longer be enough water to drink for the next fifty years on this Earth. In the end the nation that conserves the most oil will militarize to secure remaining drinking water supplies until they run out. The elite will look to safeguard it from the masses. Regardless-- within fifty years we will have no drinking water. Without drinking water we all die. Did somebody say Jesus Christ? People think Jesus Christ will come and rescue them. But I tell you the only one who will save us is you. That means all of you working in unison to avoid the fate of extinction that looms near. We must change our ways immediately. Politically we must alter our lifestyles to maximize oil for defense and we must minimize its use in our daily lives. Change begins from within-- politically and geographically too. America, clearly the light in this dark and downward spiraling world must protect its positive attributes and spew its self-destructing behaviors for its light to shine to all nations. First we must exit the age of materialism. For most the relinquishment of unnecessary material items will be considered a gargantuan task. This is because for so long greed has driven you. It has kept you distracted from examining your reality. If we choose correctly from here on out most our companies will fall. Consumerism will be at a remarkable low. Yet people will have little distraction to face what they need to which is the truth about them selves. If we choose incorrectly the same will occur only with many more difficulties. Arab nations may take control of our country and martial law may be enacted from a terrorist regime within our borders. This means their soldiers may monitor our streets with machine guns and have the freedom to kill who they will. Will we need our fanciest suits if terrorists are in charge here? Won’t our most expensive dresses only get us raped? What if our jewelry amplifying our wealth snatched off our neck? Would this be a pleasant reality? We need help. We are that help. We need to be our help! Shouldn’t we unite now because we are Americans? Should we not shoulder the vision of our founding fathers without the annexation of materialism? Should we not strive to become an example for all other nations in these perilous times? Can you relinquish your makeup? Can you see it is just a mask? The old ways of strict competition have proven dysfunctional. Unless we recognize, analyze, and purge our inner selves, our communities, and our nation, then save our species we will fall because our wasteful living. The youth in our generation can perceive the bleakness of the future. Why can’t we all change it for them? Even they are giving up. That is evident every time a vote is cast not for honest support but to keep the voting system alive. How many vote for a candidate merely because he is one of two choices. It is out of desperation and is a betrayal of personal principle. If literally nobody voted at all would that create demand for additional candidates? Perhaps we need some. Is there any surprise our younger generations are consistently labeled with schizophrenia, bi-polar disease, anxiety disorder, attention deficit? Any person who transcends our self-destructive mentality will speak against the ways of this world. Their credibility will be attacked and they will be determined unstable. They will be given pills and mandated into psychiatric hospitals. They will be released only by complying to be silent. This is because most of the older generations have given up. They look to quiet potential catalysts until the entire experience of life in human form is done. Some are so bored they would like to see how humanity ends. Yet most are too proud to face their shortcomings. We will all suffer and die because of this hubris. So what does the younger generations do in response to their forced silence? They distract themselves with drugs and alcohol, some form of escape, and as long as they function within the expectations of society they will not be severely counseled. Yet society is the reason they escape to begin with and reality catches up one way or the other. This is true for everyone regardless of deed or stature. Before any political concerns can be remedied we need healing within and between ourselves. Of the great obstacles perhaps the quintessential task is to recapture our innocence as children. As children we cared about one another. As adults we are quick to pass judgment. We shift all personal responsibility. If the world ends in flames it had nothing to do with our personal decisions. We had given up on meaningful dreams long ago, considered ourselves nonfactors in the world and positioned ourselves to gain security through money flow without question as to whether the source of capital was an asset or liability. Corporations brainwashed us to believe that the pressure of waiting for honorable work did not match the reward of working for a company that paid well with benefits. Even if the corporation harmed the earth and its people it was not our responsibility. We are those corporations. The tradeoff was easy enough: long term suffering for instant gratification. Bills would be paid and mouths would be fed. We chose to become part of a killing machine. By choosing to work for a corporation that inflicted damage on societies you committed a slow suicide. You may have rationalized that your actions were inconsequential, everyone had made the same choice to sell their soul, and you had little or no choice because there were mouths to feed including your own. However you cannot forever escape the haunting truth that you surrendered your free will to evil sources. You put your hands up high in surrender to the enemy without a protest. Free will was a gift from the Creator and that free will involved asking Him for guidance in finding direction, purpose, and righteous action. Yet how many of you just seceded to man, his workings and your own? How many of you assumed this was the way God wanted you to build societies? How many of you came to your own conclusion that this was the natural evolution of God’s plan? How many of you ever actually sought God’s advice and approval? How many of you never even questioned? How many pretended some man in a clergy outfit knew God better than you? How many pretended that some person of mankind-- a priest, a pasture, a cardinal or a pope had special privileges to God and thus had all the answers relieving you of your responsibility? How many of you decided bad decision after bad decision that there wasn’t going to be a God at all? How many of you messed up your life so bad that you decided either there couldn’t be a God or he couldn’t care less about you? How many of you spread this atheistic garbage to others? How many of you follow false prophets? How many of you are false prophets? How many know you have leaped into a bottomless pit where your destiny is the experience of hell on Earth? The way you governed your corporations, the decisions you made based on greed and pressure created for continual quarterly profits, the unfair disparity between the rewards for your executives and those who kept you profiting with their physical sweat. Did it ever occur to you these ways might be morally wrong? Did you think there were no consequences to your actions? Your hunger for power has destroyed you. Workers who chose this form of slavery over death have supported a system that has deteriorated minds and bodies, and crushed the spirits of all those who simply chose to conform. How many really thought God put you on this earth to spend most your life changing tires, stocking shelves, pumping gas, cutting down trees, waiting tables for strangers and sleeping-- all to do the same tomorrow and the next? Nothing was certain in life but death and taxes. This was the most manipulative line of crap you ever digested. It meant literally that not only had you to sacrifice to live but that you had no choices. Compliance was mandatory because this was the way. The only escape from your slavery was to die. The real killer of life is you. You had set up in your mind through buying into the propaganda that there was no purpose in living longer lives and since no one had lived much beyond one-hundred that it could not nor was meant to be done. After retirement and children were grown there was no reason to start anew anyhow. Your working conditions had worn you down your spirit only wanted to get the hell out of here. Yet what could you as one person do anyway? If you had rejected work society would have rejected you; the first to attack would have been the ones you loved the most. If you persisted to stand up for your right not to be a slave to the mechanisms of this world you would have eventually died whether it be on an empty street, in middle of the woods, or within a prison cell. Family loyalty means nothing when the bills are not paid and the legal system is not founded on compassion. A husband and wife will not fall together yet idealists speak of global unity. Many have forsaken family members. Could all mankind actually unite? Unity implies togetherness regardless of outcome. We have succeeded to unite only in our indifference. Will we all be adequately cared for to want to unite? Is everyone equally financially secure? Is the person living in a hole in the Bronx or a bunker in Afghanistan in balance with a family traveling the world on their yacht that has its own missile defense system? Can any fortune 500 CEO truly empathize with the plight of the homeless? Is there one successful CEO in the world that does not feel superior to the homeless man? There are many homeless men and women who are smarter and more gifted than the business tyrants and they have an emotional intelligence the ambitious could never understand. Yet this will not be recognized nor regarded as relevant. This is because too many people see the stars without ever seeing the light. What good have your companies done? How many stores sell healthy products such as organic produce simply because it is profitable? How many advertisers chose slogans that were positive merely because it reflected the times and their product image? How many philanthropists have ever given to charity without publicity? How many were liberal when you were poor and now conservative with wealth? How many of you have blocked out large portions of your childhood? How many of you really don’t care any more? How many people still fear and praise God? Believe it or not we can still save ourselves. The hour is late. Yet we are not yet finished; not quite extinct. But we need to stop sleepwalking. We need to shake our neighbors out of their slumbers. We need to unite behind not just any voice. We need to honor the principles exemplified by the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is celebrated vastly yet how many understand what he really did? This being sacrificed his life, continued to hold his principles to death, even as his supporters allowed him to hang on a cross all so humankind could grasp how a person should live. We need to all take up that cross. We need to dedicate our remaining lives to fixing our circumstances personally, professionally and spiritually. We need to unite. And we need not consider any other alternative. This is a spiritual war. Intelligence is pivotal. The human heart will be tested. Emotional wounds need focused healing. This must come from within. We must lose our dependence on burnt out psychologists, tired parents, and rich gurus offering the newest spiritual trends. We must come to rely upon ourselves. Garner wisdom then act. We must save us all. We need ten billion people each offering their unique gifts to the resurrection of humanity. We need ten billions lights emblazoning paths to one shared goal, one spiritual destiny that is inner peace and outer freedom. We must solve the seemingly unsolvable. We must be equipped to do so. Knowledge is the key to wisdom. Wisdom breeds responsible love. We must become skilled in identifying and removing the withered roots. We must build upon that which has produced for all. But we must first foster awareness so that we can begin to understand. Bridging spiritual knowledge with concrete realities is priority. When I speak of spirit I speak of the ways of God. If one has yet to identify that which is God within them perhaps they should quiet themselves and search their conscience. What ever causes strife within you is against the ways of God. Currently our criminal law has no legal standing for spirit. Although billions are spent by governments on paranormal research it is recognized legally. So we won’t mention the many advanced technological occult devices at play since they do not truly exist and for the most part they are in good hands now. Our Criminal justice systems throughout the country has become almost strictly about income, status, and race. Do you know over ninety percent of Americans murdered by the death penalty are black? Could a race that represents maybe ten percent of the country actually have committed ninety percent of the most heinous crimes? If so, why is that? Is it because their living conditions make them more susceptible to crime? Is it because racism against blacks has run rampant in the criminal law system? Or are black people just evil? If so, then why even consider electing a black president? Because celebrity blacks are acceptable amongst the masses but regular blacks are animals? What is our story? One in one-hundred citizens are in American prisons right now. That’s an entire percent of the American population or approximately three million citizens. Had we ever sought to see why they committed the crimes in the first place? Or how they achieved such a sick and demented state of mind? Maybe because they realized they never had a voice. One can only celebrate the nineteen sixties for so long. It was fifty years ago. Could this be an indicator that current rehabilitation practices are not working? Why not? Is it because of a lack of funding? Is there a missionary vision that is not being met? Is there a missionary vision at all? Why not? Is it because of prejudice? Is your white-collar crime nobler than other crime? If a poor man kills an individual for money is it worse than a general killing a group of individuals for oil? Do the legalities of war change anything beside terminology? Is this not still a form of murder? The stars and stripes, the principles of our founding fathers remain in theory yet rarely anymore are practiced. We must reenact those principles in everything we do. The Continental Congress was a compilation of the greatest minds and hearts of that time and was the finest example of democracy ever achieved. The Bible, interpreted somewhat properly is an incredible tool for understanding the self. The combination of these and the wisdom of our greats can carry us through until we find a solution to our water shortage. It can help find a way to maintain American integrity. It can open gateways to truth, spread love to the masses all over and give a present to us and to God. Let’s let him know we will do our parts, and he will help us who will help ourselves! The highest secret still is that nothing is impossible with faith in God. And you will learn that one way or the other. If we are to improve we need to alter the curriculums in our education systems. If education teaches history it should teach the significance of that history and its relevance to our everyday times. We need to teach—more emphasis on wisdom and less on certification requirements. And we should teach how hard it is to change a single person never mind all of earthly existence. We should allow perspectives of the Bible without dogmatizing yet honoring the principles of the Old and New Testaments as a literary work, a guide for inner peace and outwardly understanding, and perhaps the most beautiful tool of all things for the creator to use at his disposal. In the end faith is what will save us; lack thereof will provide the antithesis. Do you see a spiral too? Real issues are growing more numerous as solutions advance only in complexity. Believe the most naturally rebellious people are also naturally the most intelligent. And they are the true Christians, the lovers of God, truth and righteousness regardless of church affiliation or religious belief, and they are the ones most persecuted and they will be rewarded.

Speech  11/1/2008

How Far Are We?

  Universal Enzyme .com uses the story of my life of being diagnosed, searching for God, finding my source, learning behind the label of the illness, battling for my life and striving to keep safe, my overcoming of illness and the stigma of its label, while completing my mission chosen by God to free humanity, and ultimately  universal forgiveness founded in unconditional love and protection by God.                         


"All you will ever need to know in life to understand it."

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Universal Enzyme .com was created to enlighten societies and save humanity through all generations and throughout all time and times.  It is the memorial linking out truth in life.

Welcome to: Universal Journey Albert K Carrozza  Chapter 1 M oses Kennedy sat against the trunk of a strong maple oak that flourished in his backyard. It was springtime, it was his birthday, and he pondered the existence of such an anniversary. The sun shone brightly on this seventy degrees day; the leaves of the tree shaded the boy as they rustled in the cool breeze. Moses was five, his desires that of a child, yet his insight and naivety were the ingredients of a master. The youngster stared into the sun and felt that this powerful ball of gas and he were one. He knew that this was his earth’s primary star, the very reason life existed, and he understood, at this moment, as the planets orbited in alignment as when he was born, that he contained the same criteria. With all of the power this young boy possessed he always felt that something was missing, as if he were alone in this world, and he could not explain this. It was his birthday, he should be happy, but yet he was not. His imaginations spurred life unto him, but they were just that, he was an invisible messiah, like so many that suffered from the egocentric perspective. But, what this young boy really wanted was to be loved, and when he felt empty of such a yearning he channeled those feelings into love for others. Yet, even this was mostly of the imaginative nature, for outside of his two older sisters, he sparsely had contacts to express how he felt, and with them he could never reveal his truest intentions for fear his ostracism would grow. This is not to say he did not have good parents, they were the center of his world, God’s given role models, and he was lucky to be blessed so. He would learn all he had to from them, eventually become a man, and produce in a way that would make his family proud. With all of the knowledge Moses possessed this he believed. “Moses, what are you dreaming about? It is your birthday.” Dad said. “You look silly sitting under that tree, like you were the Buddha or something. Your sister keeps asking about where you are, and your mom and Deidre are ready to surprise you with a cake, so come upstairs.” Moses stood up and walked over to his Dad who was waiting by the backdoor to the house. This was Moses’ role model, and he wanted to be just like him: work double-shifts on the railroad, own a house, make pancakes for children on Sunday mornings, etc. Now, Moses would enjoy his cake with the family of dreams, for that is what he had been told, that his clan was different, more caring, more supportive, not abusive, in essence: better than all others. He allowed himself to believe such a perception, and for this he was grateful. As Moses found himself approaching the kitchen, he was greeted by his and others’ annual song, “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...” Placed on the table was a big ice cream cake with five candles burning atop it. “Make a wish, sweetie,” Lisa chimed, his seven-year-old sister. Moses glared at the candles with uncommon intensity, becoming entranced by the fire. He focused on each flame individually, and as he did this they became brighter. What should be his wish? He had everything he could ever want, he thought: a family, a home, good health, what did he not possess? A materialistic image passed his mind, and Moses went with it; he wanted a video camera for his birthday. So, little Moses prayed for a camcorder, then thanked God for everything, whether he received the gift or not. Then, with a great gust, Moses blew out the candles. He wanted to enjoy this monumental moment with an instantaneously brief silence, but even that was disturbed. “Ill, gross, you spit all over the cake. I’m not having any!” complained his eleven-year-old sister, Deidre. Dad cut the cake into pieces and Mom grabbed the first slice, dug her spoon in, and started piling ice cream into her mouth. Then she passed a piece to Moses. “Thank you, mom,” he said, and he swallowed a spoonful. “Moses, is all of your homework done?” Mom asked. “Yes, Mom,” Moses answered. “When is your next project due?” she asked. “Can we stop talking about school on his birthday, Mom,” Deirdre interjected. “Well, excuse me, missy” said Mom. “Can’t I make sure my son is caught up on his school work? I don’t want him stressing tonight on his birthday.” “Of course,” said Deirdre, finishing her second piece of cake. “My son, my son.” “Could everybody just stop arguing?” Lisa yelled. “It is so annoying.” “Yes, Lisa,” Mom and Diedre said in a mocking voice simultaneously. “Anyway,” Lisa spoke. “Moses said that a classmate told him that he thought Moses was very smart... isn’t that sweet, Dad?” “The next time someone tells you that, Moses,” Dad advised, “you tell them ‘I’m not smart, you’re just dumb.’” Everyone laughed except Moses. When the family was finished eating cake, Mom left momentarily, then reentered with Moses’ gifts. They were wrapped in Christmas paper and he couldn’t wait to tear into them. When he was done opening them, discovering that he did not receive his coveted video camera, he left the kitchen disappointed, though feigned enthusiasm nonetheless, with the hope not to hurt his parents’ feelings. Moses, not a child who cherished possessions, had dreams of making movies with his family members and children in his neighborhood portraying characters. Moses, of course, would be the director, producer, writer and main actor in every film. He explained this dream to his parents many times, and his family shunned him constantly, saying he was too young to have such a gift. They would cite the expensiveness of the item, although over the years they would buy many VCR’s of similar price. Not until the age of thirteen, when much of Moses’ inspiration became dormant did he receive his dream camera. He would make a couple of shoddy movies the following years, then put it away forever. What Moses did receive for his fifth birthday was a pogo stick. So he went outside onto his driveway to try it out. Soft tears filled his eyes as he lined up this new toy against his body. He could attempt to hide his disappointment from his family, but he could not deceive himself. After a couple of warm ups on this shiny red stick, he was bouncing away as if he were pogo champion of the world. It did not take long for Moses to love this toy. What the bouncing activity provided for Moses was a haven for his thoughts. As he counted the hundreds of consecutive times he successfully lifted off the ground and landed safely on this stick, he also delved unconsciously into the deepest annals of his mind. He questioned why God had chosen him to live on this property, with these family members, and without the real world knowledge associated with experience he wondered why he were part of this social class. He even wondered why he wondered so much about everything. His friends and family members sometimes didn’t seem to think at all. Moses sweated profusely from hours of play, and he thanked God for the breeze that were to come to cool him off. Once he was more comfortable, continuing his exercise, he gazed at the sky and smiled in gratitude to the clouds that temporarily blockaded the sun’s rays. It was a beautiful day, no more tears escaped from Moses’ eyes, and his exhausted legs would surely lead to a euphoric relaxation when he was done with his endeavor. Short of breath, muscles aching, Moses concluded his journey toward the most bounces he could achieve; it was apparent he could retain his position on the stick for as long as he wished, eons if he were provided with the proper fluids, food, and exemption from sleep, or were he granted his immortality before his time. He put aside his pogo stick and entered the house through his garage. He struggled up the stairs, reached the living room, and plopped himself onto the couch. Soon, his sister Lisa was sitting on the edge of a cushion on the couch and conversing with Moses. “Hello sweetie,” she said. “Hi, Li,” he responded. “How’s my birthday boy?” she asked in a childish voice, then kissed Moses on the forehead. This made Moses laugh, as Lisa commonly succeeded in doing to her often serious-minded brother. “I’m okay,” Moses replied, and his sister ever the intuitive, picked up a vibe of somberness. “What’s the matter baby?” she asked. “I don’t know,” Moses answered. He was slowly entering the midst of a depression, and whenever this occurred he felt ashamed, even worthless. “Well, how do you feel?” Lisa asked. “I feel alone,” he said, and tightly shut his eyes for a moment to shield his sister and the outside world from their watering. “Leave your brother alone,” Dad’s voice traveled in from the kitchen. “He gets in his “doom and gloom” moods, he’ll eventually feel better all by himself.” “Daddy, can I talk to Moses without you interrupting?” Lisa yelled from the living room. “He doesn’t want to hear what you are saying.” “Watch your tone of voice, little girl,” Dad warned. “Instead of laying on the couch, why don’t you kids clean the living room; it’s filthy. Oh, I forgot, you kids are all lazy good-for-nothings anyway. You don’t care what kind of environment you live in. You know Daddy will clean up after you pigs.” “Come on, Moses, lets go into my room where we can finally have some privacy,” Lisa said. Moses got off of the couch and followed his sister into her room. He was hopeful that Lisa could diagnose his problems and offer some solutions, yet he anticipated such a task would be impossible. Inside the room, Moses sprawled onto Lisa’s bed and readied himself to listen to his shrink. As she began to speak, he glanced around at some of the familiar surroundings. Gymnastic trophies were stocked on shelves, next to piles of athletic certificates, all window dressing for the blinding yellow walls that encompassed the room. What interested Moses the most, however, was Lisa’s prayer corner with a picture of mother Mary above a cross with Jesus on it. Though Moses was not religious despite his mandatory attendance at Catholic school he appreciated the belief his sister offered to a higher faith. When he glanced inconspicuously one last time at Jesus he gave a little smile, as if to say, “hello, my master self.” But Moses was still depressed and his sister was prepared to speak with him. “Moses, baby, what is really troubling you?” Lisa asked. “I feel as if no one understands me, that I am alone,” Moses confided. “We all understand you, Moses. Daddy is annoying sometimes but he loves you very much. And you know you are Mommy’s favorite. Deidre loves to watch TV with you, and me, I love you so much.” “But no one can understand me,” said Moses. “Moses, you are a very creative, intelligent, imaginative boy. I wish I had your abilities, and so do so many other people. But, we appreciate that about you, and one day you will create something great,” Lisa explained. “But I have no friends,” Moses shared. “Everyone loves you on this block,” Lisa said. “They only like me because of you,” Moses replied. “Nonsense, they talk about you all of the time,” Lisa told Moses. “Really?” Moses asked, lifting his head, down the entire conversation. “Really. Look, it’s still light out. Why don’t you go around the block and play with your friend Michael. He likes you and I had nothing to do with that, I don’t even really know him. Go ahead, go play!” Lisa encouraged. “Okay,” Moses said, and he stood up, smiled at his sister, and ran for the front door to go play around the block. He told his parents he was leaving then exited the house. As long as he did not cross the street he would be all right. When Moses arrived at his friend’s house, he realized no one was there. Once again he felt worthless and alone on his birthday. As he went to turn around home, two children approached him. Moses had an eerie feeling something bad was going to happen, but he tried to stay calm. “Hello, friend,” one said. “I’m, Charles, and this is Miles,” he introduced. “Moses,” he responded nervously. “You look upset, what’s wrong?” Charles asked. “Nothing,” said Moses, unconvincingly. “C’mon, you can tell us, we’re your friends,” Charles said. “Well, it’s my birthday,” Moses explained reluctantly, naively desiring their friendship yet intuitively fearing for his life, “and nobody cares,” he mumbled. “Well, we care,” said Miles. “Yes,” said Charles, “and I have the best surprise for you, come.” Moses tried to politely resist but they insisted. So Moses followed them half way down the block to a mostly empty yard with a wooden fence posted across it, connecting to an abandoned house. There was a long thick rope on the grass; Miles picked it up. Charles pushed Moses gently against the fence post and Miles started tying Moses to the fence. “What are you doing?” Moses cried. “We are going to hold you captive,” Charles said. “How do you feel about that?” “I don’t want to play this game, let me go,” Moses said. Miles finished tying Moses tight to the post. The two boys were laughing as Moses’ tears streamed down his face. He was scared and very alone. “Help!” Moses screamed out, but no one could hear his call. “Quiet!” Charles demanded then took out a lighter from his pocket. He lit this lighter and held the flame in front of Moses’ face. “Would you like me to burn you?” “No, leave me alone!” screamed Moses. “Then listen to what we say!” yelled Miles. “Do you like being tied to the fence?” Charles asked. Moses responded, “Let me go!” “If your good maybe we’ll give you some soup later,” Miles said laughing to his self. “No, changed our minds.” Charles whispered something in Miles ear; it was apparent he had a surprise for little Moses. The two of them walked away from Moses, and in the process Charles yelled back laughing, “Don’t go anywhere!” Moses struggled to break free from the ropes, snug tight around his body. He was shaking with fear and exasperation, as he tried to work his way free. Surely the two kids would come back, maybe with the intention to kill little Moses; he had no time to spare. As he loosened his left arm he experienced unsettling flashbacks, as if he were on a cross, blood pouring from his wrists from the driving of nails through them, more blood streaming down his face from thorns dug deep into his face and eyes, as he hung helplessly on a wooden grave. Soon, Moses freed both arms, and ripped the rope from his body. He was panting, his body weary, but his adrenaline forced him to flee. He sprinted full-speed down and around the block, nonstop for ten minutes, ready to drop from exhaustion every second of the way. When he finally reached his yard, he ran into the back, and dropped his body under the maple oak. He lay there, undetected, until ominous storm clouds passed through the sky, and the moon shone brightly on this birthday night.

HEALING ALBERT KENNETH CARROZZA Schizophrenia is curable. As with all secrets to healing you must first possess the knowledge how to heal your ailment. It is not as simple as taking a medication but sometimes involves the ingestion of some. After all, if genetically speaking you have a propensity to experience the affects of this illness and a group of scientists have found a way to biologically alleviate some of its more difficult symptoms to help you deal with them why wouldn’t you take the pill they created? Of course, you are saying, “Al, if it were that simple…” With this circumstance, meaning being diagnosed with schizophrenia there is often times a package of illnesses in one. Congratulations, you hit the jackpot: you are not only depressed, and have anxiety but you are afraid others are trying to harm you and thus are not only paranoid but agoraphobic, frightened of interactions with others and so you are lonely and your body aches from strings of heat and pain. Voices haunt you. Signs from the heavens are leading you but you may not be certain if they are good or bad spirits instructing you through mediums like the radio by playing relevant songs. “But you don’t understand, Al, there are helicopters flying over my head in the sky, and there are white surveillance vans watching my every move, ready to put me into a strait jacket… it is part of the secret global conspiracy to create a single government and to enslave all the people and they know I am against them.” My friend, I’ve been there and done that, and more. So the excitement of being different, a secret hero on a clandestine mission with underground information should not be enough incentive not to rejoin everyone else here on earth. In the end, no matter how real you perceive your circumstances to be or how real it actually is in that particular dimension you presently inhabit you must ask yourself, why am I here? Why am I focusing on aliens, shape-shifting lizards, government plots to destroy humankind, demons, and darkness? Its okay to delve into that from time to time, but why is all of my focus on subjects like these? Is it perhaps because I might actually be afraid of something so much more frightening to myself than monsters, vampires and wolves all put together? Am I not afraid of life itself? Is the reason I focus on these abnormal aspects of existence because for one reason or another I gave up in the “real world”. Well if you are interested in returning I am going to lead you back. Not just by philosophy but with my genuine care and love for you. “There’s no hope for me…” If you say there is no hope than there is not. But, being you are reading this book there is certainly hope for you today. Overcoming schizophrenia and the many ailments that go along with it is not easy, nor is it simple. If running a 100-yard dash at full speed is difficult try equating an equal effort to finishing a triathlon. In similar analogy healing your schizophrenia is not going to be a sprint it will be a marathon, and it takes persistence only those who truly wish to overcome the illness will find. In essence you get out what you put in. It is not a journey filled with constant praise from others, in fact if your family and loved ones ever adapt to your having schizophrenia in the first place it will be a long time before they recognize your overall improvements. And they will always be skeptical, because they too are nervous about this mysterious illness that the experts have yet to fully and accurately define. Lucky for you I am a schizophrenic, have friends and girlfriends, work, attend higher education, dance, sing, write, and can lead you to the direction of your promised land. But it is you who must recognize what you have is no longer a curse but rather a gift, one of insight and foresight, and you too can become a productive part of society because believe it or not we need crazy people like you. Remember, I am you, and crazy can be just providing a different way of looking at life than others are accustomed to and the world knows we need originality. Lucky again, schizophrenics have wonderful imaginations and are highly intelligent people. “Wait, Al, you didn’t you just call me crazy?” Yes I did my friend. I called you crazy and intelligent too. Your doctor may not express such thoughts but what do you think he perceives? If you were normal you wouldn’t have been accepted into that psychiatric hospital to begin with. But the good news is, thanks to many brave but eccentric people it has become acceptable to be crazy as long as it serves society. Welcome to humanity 101. Perhaps at this point you are thinking: “why would I ever want to serve society? After all, isn’t that the machine that grinds us into conformity? Should I really desire to be another brick in the wall?” Well guess what my beloved schizophrenic? That can not happen with you because you have already transcended normalcy. The question remaining is can you return to society and bring back the gifts that you acquired from the “other sides”. Not an easy task so my first piece of advice, although the simplest of the tasks will most likely prove to be the not only the most helpful but also the most difficult to surrender to. Are you ready to hear what all the “conspirators” are telling you to do. TAKE YOUR PRESCRIBED MEDICATION “No, not you Al…” Yes, I am there with you, my friend. Taking medication you feel they might as well sell your soul to the devil while they’re at it. How dare they take away your God-given gift of insight? It is unconstitutional for them to force you to take pills. They are jealous because you have special abilities and they do not. Or you are Jesus and they want to kill the Messiah or persecute his followers. They want to turn you into a non-thinking, sheep like slave while the powers that be take over and enslave the world. Can’t we see this people? Can’t we see this? Yet all you see is an audience interested in getting you to take those pills. Why? Does anyone out there understand? Oh, now I who you liked in the first few pages, I’m one of them, huh? You are not sure? My friend with three top notch psychiatric hospitals on my resume plus all the miracles I performed as my being Jesus I would laugh at you in my heyday. But now I will tell you a secret: it will not get better until you surrender. And before you get all upset you must know that your surrender does not empower evil. Instead it empowers you to decide what you want to work on to change in this yes imperfect society. Even if those pills diminished 20 percent of those special abilities you have you are still you, a gifted individual, and you could never move forward in reality without the pills to begin with. Haven’t you tried over and over again? SURRENDER Ponder, make up your mind and don’t do it because anyone including me told you to (which you never would anyway- schizophrenics are like Taurus- notoriously stubborn people). Then when you have come to the conclusion you will take your medication make it permanent. Nothing will stop you from healing from these pills. And when you feel better through time know it is because of this medication. So don’t stop taking it! Believe me, there is much more to healing then just taking these pills everyday, but you will never get to the clarity where you can purge your pain and heal your soul until the medications are actively working inside you. And today medication is safer and more effective than ever before! Not your favorite topic? Become a proponent for pills! “But, Al, the pharmaceutical companies have become filthy rich off these medications. They even make up diseases.” My friend, why do you think they became rich in the first place: because their products are some of the most fascinating, effective, and life saving creations known to humankind. The top scientific minds work endless hours to create the proper chemistries to heal terrible ailments in people. It is not perfect nor the ingredients always organic… but the bottom line is they work, and in regards to anti-psychotic drugs used for schizophrenia God has created pills just for you to heal. Is that not the greatest spiritual gift? Oh, you don’t believe in God? Then why would you have a problem with science? Have you become bitter and skeptical to everything? There is no need. And as you will find out, the second most important aspect to healing, after complying (yeah, I said it) and surrendering to taking your prescribed medications is your attitude toward healing and your level of belief in life. “But if I take these pills and become better, what does that mean in terms of what type of person I am. I mean if these pills didn’t exist I would be trouble my whole existence, even a bad person, defective and all.” Not true my beloved friend. You did not ask for this illness and that is what it is: a mental and emotional and even spiritual illness. As I said, you won the lottery. Do you realize only one percent of the population in America for example has suffered as you? It is not significantly different in other countries either. What an amazing story if we can overcome this illness. What an inspiration you will be. I believe you can do it. And as soon as you believe you can do it I know that you can. There is no reason for guilt for it really wasn’t your fault the traumatic experiences that accompanied this illness. We will deal with this on a mental and what is so much overlooked emotional and environmental level. Just take your medication my friend and don’t look back in dismay. Now is the time to begin to heal. I am here to guide you but you must be kind to your self, for you will need to be your own best friend. We live in a difficult and often unfair world. So you have to take a pill? Say “give it to me… and I will begin to show the world I am a better person. But better yet, I have taken the first crucial step in my journey to healing and thus loving myself…” The past will be analyzed for purposes of producing a more fruitful future. But it is the present that is the present, and by taking your medication you have opened yours to a world of infinite growth, understanding, and ultimately love and forgiveness. It starts when you wake up in the morning. That’s if you were able to get quality sleep without nightmares or vivid prophetic dreams. Sometimes your body feels like it is literally on fire. Strings of anxiety seem to spiral throughout your being. It’s another day in a living hell. Sometimes the daily thought meditated upon is whether you will make it through one more day. As you gain consciousness thoughts of how messed up your life has become surface, and being you developed this illness in your early twenties most likely and were not born feeling this way you stress about how you should have had your higher degree or how you lost so many opportunities to work and function as an ordinary person would. But then something reminds you that this is a plot, against you, because you are special, a reborn king or president or Christ himself. You are being punished for being better than others, or at least for the ability to perceive what many or all cannot. I want you to go back to the trigger. Every ailment has a point when it all started going downhill. Many of you could be hurt from your high school girlfriend cheating on you and never truly dealt with the pain. For a lifetime of mistrust may have began by a single action, destroying your youthful naïve perception yet you never recognized the actual damage that occurred, the magnitude of hurt you disguised to carry on as others. Many of you were utterly abused as a child by parents, siblings, and even aunts and uncles. Some of you were sexually harassed, abused, and even raped several times. Yet more of you may have been physically abused along with being verbally assaulted and otherwise at other times completely ignored, void of any love received by or given to your starving soul. And some of you though desiring or requiring nothing more never experienced being loved by another, especially painful when you loved them. These are roots and we will discuss them further. But for now we look for the triggers, the events or experiences that set the cycle of depression and delusion into motion. I guarantee for most of you your trigger was the usage of hallucinogenic and other harmful drugs. This includes alcoholism, meaning its consumption was always on your mind even if you were not presently drinking at the moment. Your strongest desires were to get high, drunk, and escape the daily grind and the onslaught of subconscious memories you had yet to acknowledge due to youth and your natural defense mechanisms blocking out your painful past. When did you begin the consumption of alcohol? When did you first smoke marijuana? When was your first trip on acid? And finally… why the hell did you do these things in the first place? You didn’t know then but you do know now. Why? Sure, peer pressure will come to mind. But why did you care so much for these peers and their opinions, why did you crave their acceptance to the point you would go against your better judgment and start down your long and dreadful path as a drug addict? Once again I guarantee this trigger, these drugs began to open your mind, so much so that eventually you began to lose sight of reality and put all your noblest dreams to rest. Eventually you did not live for personal accomplishment, nourishment of the mind, body and soul but rather you were living for sensation, the rush you experienced with every inhale or needle thrust into your arm. Yet you knew this wasn’t you, not what either you or God had planned for yourself early in life, because the cognitive dissonance we all possess reminds us instantly when our behaviors and actions are counter-productive and especially when they are deadly. The reason you did this my friend was not so much to escape the future, or to rebel against any present oppression, but rather it was to drown out, if only temporarily, the unresolved issues that slowly and surely were killing your soul from the earliest painful days of your past. Even the fun, was it all that fun? Or were you hiding your child within crying from years of abuse and neglect from others for which you now took the mantle of power to destroy you away from others and right into your own poisonous deadly hands. The sins of the father were passed onto the son, and you became to yourself exactly what you despised and adopted the treatment of others toward you as your own toward yourself. Monkey see monkey do. You were called a pig thousands of times in many ways and after awhile you learned the only response was to oink and snort like one. In other words you removed the responsibility to care for your self kindly and adequately because you forgot all actions grounded in self-love; it became too difficult to hold on and fight for such an ideal. In the end you are to blame. Yet the silver lining in all this is that you now have the opportunity to change. But prior to this change you must first and foremost put the responsibility upon yourself. Stop pointing your finger at others and tap yourself on the chest as the chief engineer of your woes. If you can take the blame for your misfortunes you can also allow yourself to enjoy the credit for all your positive upcoming efforts. In the end it is either you against you or you for a better quality you. You are the engineer of your train, the captain of your ship and although you cannot dictate all outside events you can make damn well certain you make the best choices possible to foresee the greatest possible outcomes. SUCCESS FAVORS THE PREPARED MIND Life can be an exhausting daily, weekly, and yearly grind. It is literally a routine inside a routine yet inside another routine. This knowledge can lead you or anyone to great depression and anxiety before one step is ever attempted. Even if you are doing little of the tasks others may be performing, (which it often appears to onlookers of schizophrenics that they are creating very little productivity on a daily basis- which by the way on a greater scale of truth is often false, but we will touch on that deeper subject later), this is still an accustomed routine; it just is not meeting societal demands. But as you will find with healing, the key is to break the negative cycles in your life and remove the bondage you have acquired along your path. “But how can this legitimately be accomplished, Al? I fell far behind so long ago and I can barely make progress in the present. I am too far behind.” Now you must know a secret… YOU ARE NEVER TOO FAR BEHIND Not every day you wake up with the inspiration to take on the world-- that is just a fact of life for anyone. And when you do have those moments when you are on top of the world, euphoric, and you receive enlightened messages I advice you to do your best to contain it. This is because the higher you go the more exhausted you will be in the coming days, and that’s when bi-polarization takes effect. You have heard the saying “what goes up must come down?” That is the same with your emotions. Of course with weeks on end of depressive experiences you naturally welcome what can be termed as a manic episode where you may feel next to invincible. You must contain it!!! Talk yourself down as soon as you recognize it’s surfacing. This is because the opposite spectrum is looming around the corridor, waiting to anchor your emotions into a depth unwelcomed. The key to being productive on a regular basis is balance. Balance is acquired. Yes, some have a greater gift of balance due to genetics, but even these people, like a star athlete toward his sport need to develop fundamental skills to utilize these gifts to their utmost. It is the same with the sufferer regarding emotional balance. You must make a proactive decision that you will look to achieve such a state of being. If you feel tired, then get some sleep; but for hours and not for days. If you feel energized then exercise, or read, or if that’s too containing then write your emotions down on a page with pen or type in on the computer using the word processor; create a document describing your insides so that you may better recognize your own personal tendencies to unravel. I guarantee you will find you feel much better having written your emotions down, having described your circumstance if only to yourself and if you believe then to God. And when the next manic episode looks to occur, grab that pen or computer and start where you left off. Or, if it’s too much energy go for a run around the block. If you really feel invulnerable you will feel safe in the neighborhood at least until you have finished and return to your home, wherever that may be. You may initially find it painstaking to suppress the heights you are accustomed to experiencing, but remember if you wish to heal and feel at constant ease you must resist living for the superfluous scant sensation. You will find along with this discipline you will develop prolonged balance, days on end, and escape the dips in mood and plummet of spirit and seeming unending despair. A healthy functioning person has ebbs and flows in moods, moderate rises and slight depressions or downward slopes in mood and the rest is a smooth transitional phase. Why would you desire this form of existence? You not only preserve happiness longer but you can accomplish more with less distraction which provides a natural and real sense of pride in forward concrete movement, and you avoid occasional visits to the depths of hell on Earth. Getting the proper vitamins and minerals is essential for good living which means a balanced healthy diet is in order. When you are eating enough vegetables, balanced proportions of meat, and digestion is smooth due to consumption of fibers it frees your mind to focus on healing itself as opposed to being bogged down with the responsibility of stressing over health. Basically transcendence is being on top of the areas of life that take top priority, and if you have an issue of the mind the fastest way to put yourself into position to identify and heal is to have all other areas adequately cared for. Make sure the horse is healthy enough to pull the cart before sifting through the contents it is carrying. MASTERING YOUR PERCEPTION IS THE KEY TO WELLNESS How you view the world makes all the difference in regards to how the world, its inhabitants and the many events you face on a daily basis confront and/or embrace you. Literally every positive thought on some spectrum of your experience will produce a positive outcome albeit as small or large your feeling and belief behind that positive thought. As is with the balanced nature of life every negative thought or feeling will produce something that will not be pleasant throughout the course of your day or further on out for the universe does not govern itself under your particular time clock. This is not a discourse on God and ones belief or lack thereof in a supreme, omniscient presence with the recipe for justice in his right hand. But it would serve to comment that perhaps the primary reason one is agnostic or atheist is because they cannot grasp anything that sways from their logical foundation and thus what is called miracle which is simply God lending a hand to a person who has earnest unconditional love for him. This noted, frustration and confusion in life occurs when one views life strictly from their logical faculties. Schizophrenia can be caused when one experiences something so far from logical that it smashes what was once a sound and safe perception and reveals to that person (the new schizophrenic) that all things are possible and indeed everything and every form of everything does exist. When one takes such a leap in evolution, mutating from the ordinary vision of humankind to something higher it is others lack of understanding and often caring yet inexperienced response that triggers a heightened mistrust from the schizophrenic to the rest of the world which includes and in fact is most prominent toward family members, friends and loved ones. “Hold on, Al. Are you implying first that what I have experienced is real and secondly that by having schizophrenia I am more evolved than most who are not so?” That is correct, my friend… you have evolved to higher planes of existence, often times capable of crossing thinnies, space between dimensions, and experiencing life in different places at various times. It is your ignorance as to how to deal with this change in perception that has you lost, and no one to this point could explain it to you in any form you could adopt because they will never admit that maybe your perspective comes from being in higher and lower realms. The goal here is to bring you permanently to the most important place of all, the keystone world, the world of balance, to which all other dimensions fall subsidiary. “What are you talking about, Al?” Just know my beloved friend, yours is a journey that gains importance as you come closer to entering the keystone world. It is where all your family and loved ones have always resided, there is no longer time travel in this dimension, and you can and will ultimately heal in this particular crucial dimension. Another name for the keystone world is “the real world.” I don’t wish to place too much emphasis on the reality of the other dimensions you encountered throughout this universal membrane we exist in and throughout because while you were there it was likely you understood or properly comprehended an infinitesimal proportion of what you experienced. In essence this caused or continues to cause only confusion and endless pain. It no longer serves your particular purpose to remain there. It is time to find new meaning in your life. That said, the more you forget the less you will regret. This is because with purposeful selective memory you are training your mind instead of your mind swaying, controlling and always deluding you. When you train your mind you set your own perception and thus move yourself from second class passenger to captain of your own ship. Being it is your ship, your life, don’t you think you should be in control of it. That will only happen when you have fully embraced reality. Of course you are afraid to embrace reality because its harshness is what caused you to float to your castle in the sky to begin with. But equipped with new armor, spiritual and emotional in nature, combined with greater insight and understanding, (which to teach and reinforce these aspects so that you may faster heal is the primary purpose of this book), you will be so much better equipped to take on a not as daunting reality. Remember this: IF YOU ARE NOT AT FIRST AFRAID THEN THE TASK IS NOT COURAGEOUS Put in simpler terms, whenever you confront what you fear it is an act of courage. When you experience a sense of fear when something happens that is an indicator it needs to be dealt with. Fuck your fear! Remind yourself you have the heart of a champion and take on the issue at its core. How does one find the core of an issue or situation? It is simple. With greatest sincerity what is causing the fear? Identify it. Only after acknowledging a challenge can you overcome it. That is why it is said that the first step in healing is dealing with denial. You cannot overcome what you do not recognize because you cannot assess what is necessary to deal with a situation if you do not rightfully see what the situation is and therefore what it presents that causes the fear. Focus is key. So many factors look to sway you from your task. In your case, it is not only to “lose the schizophrenia in schizophrenic” but to become an amazing person. “What is an amazing person?” you ask. It is somebody who loves their self and is not afraid to show this. Someone who is humble to the point there is no need to show for the expectation from others becomes complete acceptance. Did I just say that? You can too. You can make decisions. You are allowed to. No one is going to secede voluntarily so you must relearn had to exercise your voice. Now at first it might be difficult because those vocal chords in conjunction with your passionate ideas, feelings have been dormant. That is to say they are there but they have not been used in quite some time. Some of you haven’t used your voice for more than “hello” and “goodbye” for quite some time. You have been too wrapped up in your own plight to check on what the temperature is to all those around you. You throw the famous “pity-party” for yourself instead of picking up whatever hand remains and playing it with wisdom, knowledge and belief that as long as you have at least one card you’re still in the game. You’re not going to win every battle, nor succeed as you perceive success to be in every attempted forgoing. But the only requirement to surviving has always been to love life. Did you ever promise to God, you grumpy old atheist or for you schizophrenics oh initiated one into the purely mystical that you would not attempt to commit suicide? How many went against those promises, felt guilty, then disassociated yourself with God because you were angry at you own guilt. You perceived God would be angry from your limited perspective and natural guilt so you abandoned him and blamed God and blamed it on the Great Spirit. Meanwhile, perhaps his anger was not that you disobeyed but that you severed yourself from him and thus cut that powerful lifeline. Ever think God wasn’t angry at all, that no such emotion is necessary? Just you were angry, and God, the ever patient caretaker of freewill merely remained for you to use his grace. He forgives you if you forgive you. He manifests a positive reality for you if you manifest a positive one. And he keeps in touch with you in balance that you have kept in touch with him. Imagine if you befriended God 24/7? What blessings might he bestow upon you? It is never too late to get on your knees, humble yourself to the mighty cross of Jesus Christ, and experience crying at his feet to make you anew. You can only approach the cross with awesome purity. Any thoughts of defilement and you shall be defiled. Do you understand the reciprocation, the power that love has over the land? Denial is futile. You get back what you put in. Only in God’s world the formula built into the universe is sevenfold, and sevenfold times seven. Regardless of the exact equation output, the message is simple. You get so much more back then you put in. So be careful what ingredients you add to your recipe of perception. If your intent is pure, and purifying intent is a skill as well as a gift, for you must build it like a muscle all though love exist at the core of all human hearts, which by the way is what makes the freewill game of life absolutely fair. And there are other principles too. Such as the level of integrity that you gain the greater the gifts bestowed upon you. It is the system. God is the system. And the system is awesome and positive once you make it that way. Life couldn’t be anymore fairer than that? And also, those who suffered early and kept their integrity, such as you schizophrenic who chose the higher path in relearning life through this book amongst other items, people and experiences their gifts are heavenly as they are stationed right where they are on Earth unless of course they are an astronaut. That would be quite a feat for you to achieve. When you feel better start thinking how you will begin to remake your life in a career, personal, interpersonal level, etc. We will discuss. But it’s ok to begin the dream even if it’s all about faith right now. Trust me, faith is more important than belief in knowledge, however if you know by belief all things are possible. “All things are possible, Al? Then I want to walk on water…” I guarantee you my friend that there are many greater feats of satisfaction, such as landing your first significant job in years. Even better is enjoying your time in that profession. Magic is just tricks and magick is tricks that are real. They trick the eye but accomplish little else unless you plan to book events where you display and possibly even teach real magick to audiences world wide. It is okay to dream but lets make the dreams realistic to your mold, what you would like to accomplish based on the output you wish to put in. Let be realistic. Then we can experience our highest level dream. STARTING OVER IS BEGINNING ANEW Unfortunately we are back to the grind. Unforeseen future, but everything is laid into place. There is no longer an excuse not to strive to participate. But you are tired, weary, and you haven’t the inspiration it feels to do anything—that’s when you must do your best for as long as you can. You will not reach perhaps your desired goal but you will have moved forward in your endeavors. You need to take an honest look at yourself everyday. This is not fantasy land and we are not looking to perform for any particular market of audience. We put pressure on ourselves by committing to one to many options. We fear the burning of future bridges. We harp on where we came from. All is good. “Maybe from your perspective, Al… but it’s not all right for me or the rest of us.” Well what is the problem? Is it that rent is too high? Income is too low? Welcome to the real world, the keystone existence that is what we all face in w hat is literally a time of crisis. But if you come to realize this fact that means you have removed yourself from delusional worlds and reintegrated to society. It sucks, the real world, but the mere fact that you can experience how badly it sucks means you have come a long way. That doesn’t mean you are there one hundred percent of the time yet, from time to time you may drink your alcohol in binge or smoke that marijuana joint. And as you look at the remainder of your contents, a mild but nonetheless significant amount, you grow angry that you have not been perfect. You no longer remember where you came from. You no longer crutch to the past. You are on a mission now, of different sorts, to discover how you’re unique talents can merge with this large encompassing world where people work everyday to make a living. Don’t see the friends who are struggling, you know they will find a way through God- even if they do not believe in him you protect them with your power of knowledge and belief. For you really are a mystic, granted secrets of existence that no one will ever no the extent of except to guesstimate based on the knowledge you do choose to provide. Your confidence is growing but your feet are mostly on the ground. You have not been perfect but you understand God loves you, but you do not ever assume what his response to your situation will be, but when called for you must be proactive instead of reactive, making decisions instead of responding automatically to circumstances. Life will have its struggles, and if you are angry that you smoked be angry, that is a good consequence to place upon yourself so that you know when you finally do the right thing you will be relieved of that anger and also guilt. They do not believe in him but you protect them with your power of knowledge and belief. You have set up a reward system. But you can only experience the rewards when doing what is right. You can still accomplish in your life but you will have less enthusiasm. Nonetheless celebrate your struggles, for if you had no more remaining life would be only a struggle to create another and yet another challenge of satisfying accomplishment. When on the debt side of existence, in other words the areas that you are a detriment to yourself the struggle is to get back to the starting line. Only then will you be qualified in the race. Your timeline, unknown to most will be the allotted hours you have to fulfill as much accomplishment in this life as you can. Life is so beautiful—it should not be wasting away everyday sitting in a room with the same music, similar television programs just under different titles with different actors, same pornography styles. It is meant to be lived!!! There is a season for everything and a season for everyone. Strive to make every season a season for some relevant accomplishment in your life, whether it is running races, joining softball tournaments, or tennis lessons to satisfy a weight and health management goal or selecting and reading three books in the winter season. Remember: balance is important not only emotionally but in all areas of your life. Little high, little low and not any way the wind blows. You must control your destiny with the highest dexterity. There are no guarantees in life or in regards to continued life but you should be wise enough to realize while you are here I want to be in control of me. THE REALITY IS YOU HAVE ENOUGH ALREADY TO BE HEALED The guilt can be overwhelming at times, other times that emotion is felt as anger, all until you get rid of it by doing the right thing. The anger builds, in you its rage, but every time you became this way before you paid a price. So you began to cry at emotional scenes in the movies, now that means you are a novice in the world of emotion, an incredible accomplishment. Your mind speeds by, you are still a schizophrenic. But now you are enjoying the benefits of being one. Remember what was said in the bible? The last shall be first. And the first shall be last. Until we get tired of that arrangement and we all commune in the middle. Then we separate again in the natural and comfortable cycle that is all there is in that area of physics. Even that is not a hundred percent accurate yet I wouldn’t want to unravel everything all at one time, but you would because it is a sensation, like the high Like women to man. But the governments are that way. They are cyclical, highly advanced and far-moving than most realize, but still as always there is a chance we will not survive unless God grants our survival. All these thoughts pervade your brain at the same time. Just because you have the tools to heal my schizophrenic, which however tangential these discourses can be, regardless the excursiveness or the discursive nature of your dreams last night, you are going to have to realize what is confronting you and tackle it as an author engages in the process of writing his greatest most passionate book; with an undying fire until the task or in a more general sense tasks are completed to the best of your ability. So what must you do first? ... (continue)



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